Add a "Shop Now" Button to Your Facebook Page

Adding a "Shop Now" button to your Facebook page gives your clients quick access to shop on your store. To do so, follow the steps below. Please note you will need administrative privileges for your Facebook page.

Navigate to your practice's Facebook business page and click "+ Add a Button"

NOTE: If you don't see "+ Add a Button", you may already have a button live. Facebook currently allows each page to have one button. If you need to make adjustments to this button, such as switch it from "Call Now" to "Shop Now", hover over the button you have currently and select "Edit Button" to continue.


A pop up with several options will appear. Click "Shop with you or make a donation" to expand the field, then choose "Shop Now."



From here, choose "Website Link" to connect your Facebook page with your external store URL.



Input your Vets First Choice store URL into the field provided and hit "Save."



Select "Finish" when you are happy with your set up.


You have successfully added a Shop Now button to your Facebook Business Page; this button will be visible to anyone who visits your page.  When someone clicks Shop Now, they will be immediately redirected to your online store.