Add a "Shop Now" Button to Your Website

We have created a set of icons you can use on your website to link to your online store. Setting it up is simple:

  1. Choose which of the images below you'd like to add to your website. Right click on that image and select "Save Image as..." to save it to your desktop.
  2. Once the image is downloaded, place it on your website so that clicking the image will link to your store URL. Placement of this image is very important, as your clients will look for it top of fold.
  3. If your website has a navigation bar, it's a good idea to add a "Shop Now" or "Online Store" link here, as well.

NOTE: If you do not know how to edit your website, please reach out to your webmaster for assistance. Contact details and how-to resources for some popular providers are listed at the bottom of this page.


Shop Now Images - Companion

LARGE (300x250)

Shop_Now_Button_5.png Shop_Now_Button_6.png


SMALL (250x143)

Shop_Now_Button_2.png Shop_Now_Button_3.png

Shop_Now_Button_1.png Shop_Now_Button_4.png




Shop Now Images - Equine


SMALL (300x250)

EquineShop_Now_Buttons_2c.png EquineShop_Now_Buttons_2b.png

EquineShop_Now_Buttons_2a.png Equine_Morgan_Shop_Now_Buttons2.png


LARGE (521x298)

EquineShop_Now_Buttons_1d.png EquineShop_Now_Buttons_1c.png

EquineShop_Now_Buttons_1b.png EquineShop_Now_Buttons_1a.png





Shop Now Buttons


Shop_Now_Button_7.png   Shop_Now_Button_8.png

Shop_Now_Button_9.png   Shop_Now_Button_12.png

Shop_Now_Button_10.png   Shop_Now_Button_11.png


Website Provider Resources


DVM Multimedia: Please call (800) 679-3309 or email for assistance.

VetMatrix: Self-serve tutorials are available online. For greater assistance, please call (888) 792-8384.

VetNetwork: Please call (800) 564-4215 for assistance.

Wix: Self-serve tutorials are available online. Please see here to learn how to add an image and how to link an image.

Wordpress: Self-serve tutorials are available online.